Celebrate Ice Cream Sandwich Day – Make them COOKIE Ice Cream Sandwiches

So there’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day and of course we can’t forget about National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!  Mark your calendar for Thursday August 2nd and celebrate this occasion by indulging in a Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich.     Nothing better then a cold treat on a hot day… actually these are yummy on a hot day, cold day, really any day!  When isn’t it a good time to have ice cream and cookies.  Here we have coconut chocolate chip and salted peanut butterscotch peanut butter cookies with vanilla haagen dazs ice cream.  I added some of my fresh dulce de leche  to make them really gooey and extra delicious, AND REALLY REALLY MESSY.  The less messier version would be to take a scoop of ice cream topped with dulce de leche and then crumble the cookies on top.  You’re eating it with a spoon which isn’t quite as fun but it’s just as delicious and far less messy.   At The Last Crumb I use any of my cookies to make Ice Cream Sandwiches.   The Lemon work as well as the Chocolate Black Pepper.  I like to pair Strawberry or Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream with the Chocolate Black Pepper Cookies and a nice berry ice cream with the Lemon.   It’s all good!  Let me know how you plan to celebrate this national holiday. Enjoy!

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The Last Crumb

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