Tiffany Red Velvet Cake Pops

Red Velvet Cake Pops


How beautiful and lady like are these!   They would  be perfect for a shower or tea party.  The Last Crumb Crumb Cookies and Sweets has been experimenting with cake pops lately.    They are such perfect little bite size treats.  The great thing about cake pops and truffles is that the flavors are limitless.   You can make a cake pop out of any kind of cake, frosting and chocolate combination and then use your imagination for the decorating.   There are so many great ideas you can find on the internet.  I credit theses Tiffany Red Velvet Cake Pops from a Pinterest post I saw.

If you don’t have the sticks to make a pop then dip the rolled cake balls and frosting in chocolate without the stick and you’ve got beautiful little cake truffles.   I personally like to have the stick standing straight up verses the cake ball so that I can put the cake pop in a decorative little cup.  They are easier to transport and serve and you don’t have to invest in expensive styrofoam  to stand them with the cake ball up.

Here are a couple other cake pop decorating ideas that I’ve used for weddings, showers, Mother’s Day and birthday parties.

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Vanilla Cake Pops

Lemon Cake Pops







Lemon Cake Pops

Lemon Cake Pops







Variety Bag of  Chocolate and Vanilla Cake Pops

Variety Bag of Cake Pops





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